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1” water supply.
Dual ball valves for separate Hopper
and Barrel Spray bars.
Gold Pan to catch
the gold bearing concentrates
coming out of the head of the
reverse helix barrel.
Back up 30” Sluice Box
and water/classified material
discharge shoot
10” Tires.
Adjustable front leg to get
the proper angle of machine.
Hopper is 15” Wide x 14” Long.
Load in height is 30”.
Unclassified tailings shoot.
Outer Reverse Helix Barrel.
Inner classifying barrel 1/2” expanded steel.

#8 - Reverse Helix Trommel

12 Volt powered trommel. MINIMUM 2000gph water pump required (not included) ,

18’ of reverse helix in outer barrel, Height 31" Tall x 48" Long x 24” Wide at the base. 60pounds.

Hopper is 15” Wide x 14” Long, Load in height is 30”. 10” wheels/tires. Screening barrel is 28” long and

reverse helix barrel is 18” long. Sluice Box is 30” long x 7” wide w/rubber backed carpet and a 10” gold pan